Warranty & Return Policy

Vertex Wireless LLC stands by its quality of its products and services. Our employees are available and trained to assist you with any questions. Outlined below is our policy and procedures for Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA).

Vertex Wireless Warranty/Returns:

Vertex will accept and credit or replace all Manufacture Warranty Defects, Dead on Arrival (DOA) and Out of Box Failure (OBF) handsets purchased from Vertex. Wireless LLC within the allowed dates as indicated on your sales order or invoice.

All Manufacture Warranty Defects, OBF or DOA returned handsets and or equipment must be in original packaging with IMEI or ESN on packaging matching equipment. An RMA form provided by Vertex, must accompany said handset(s) with all information requested, completed, and legible. Place the RMA form inside of shipping carton.

  • All returns must include all original equipment provided by Vertex when sold.
  • All returns must be in original condition with no pad printing and must be sent with the original box and original software.
  • Vertex will charge $15.00 per item that is missing or damaged.
  • To be classified as DOA or OBF, Handsets and accessories should be in mint condition, free of any physical or liquid damage.
  • Vertex reserves the right to inspect, test, and verify or reject all returns. Rejected returns will be returned at returnee’s expense and include a Diagnostic Traveler detailing what reason the return is rejected.

Vertex will not accept any DOA and OBF returns that do not conform to the aforementioned criteria. All returns that are not conforming to the DOA and OBF returns policy will be considered NTF (No Trouble Found) and / or BRE (Buyer’s Remorse) and will returned at returnee’s expense Via UPS collect and no credits will be given.

Vertex will not accept handset(s) or equipment purchased by Vertex Wireless LLC that is categorized as Buyers Remorse (BRE). Unless otherwise stated on invoice or other forms of signed written agreement. Any BRE returns will be returned to client at clients expenses. Refer to your service providers guidelines for these types of returns.

Vertex warranty applies only to its original customer. Vertex will not accept returns received by a third party.

Update: 03/01/2013