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4Q2022 Issue
pixel 7

Device Launch

Google Pixel 7 & 7 pro

Google has an official launch date for their new flagship devices and it’s coming to you October 6th. Built intelligently from the inside out, these devices are packed with the latest and greatest technology from Google. 

Case Study

Galaxy Tab Active3 Bundle

As warehouses increasingly equip forklifts and other industrial vehicles with mounted rugged tablets, they’re experiencing a wide range of benefits — from streamlined paperless workflows to wayfinding to real-time inventory. But distracted driving can be just as dangerous on a warehouse floor as it is on the road.


" Zonar initiated our relationship with Vertex Wireless three years ago to acquire and distribute Samsung tablets to Zonar ‘s customers throughout vocational, pupil, mass transit and commercial trucking industries. This service includes high volume warehousing, configuration management, and shipment of the tablets. The success of this project led to expanding the order fulfillment and configuration management process to other high-volume products. Vertex maintains excellent capability management and demonstrates a drive for success and continuous improvement. We enjoy working with the Vertex team and truly appreciate our relationship with them.

Scott H. Sims
Director, Supply Chain Management
Zonar Systems 

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Digital transformation conceptual for next generation technology era

siperLOCK is the only solution that enables carriers and retailers to disable subscriber handsets remotely if the device is not returned, reported stolen or payment is not made. Protect against credit losses, reduce collections costs, speed up collection returns and retain customers. That’s revenue secured!

New Technology

ATEL Home Phone Connect

The V810 Home Phone Connect Series allows users to use VoLTE and it provides HD voice support. It even supports conference calling up to 6 callers. AA batteries can be used to keep the HPC working without being connected to power for up to 36 hours on standby. The home phone connect is based on LTE network and uses VoLTE to provide HD voice support. It is 100% replaceable for the telephone line.