Device Launch

Google Pixel 7 & 7 Pro

Google has an official launch date for their new flagship devices and it’s coming to you October 6th. Built intelligently from the inside out, these devices are packed with the latest and greatest technology from Google.


Being built with security in mind, these devices come with the brand new Google Tensor Gen 2 chipset which has upgraded the fundamentals by improving performance, battery efficiency and has the next generation of TPU. Not only does has this chipset upgrade the fundamentals of the device, but it also enhances the user experience like never before. The Google Tensor Gen 2 has speech recognition that understands your nuances, accents and even the way you pronounce names so your phone is always on the same page as you for what you want it to do. The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro have upgraded cameras with better and faster photos and videos, displays that use gOLED and come in a variety of beautiful colors that way you have a phone that matches the aesthetic of your life. So let me wrap this up for you, a phone with a refined design, improved cameras, all day battery, top of the line security and performance like you’ve never seen before. What more could you really even ask for?

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