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ATEL Home Phone Connect

V810 Series
It's reliable

With a standby battery life of up to 36 hours, the V810 is reliable, even when you’re not connected via the power cable. It also boasts an optional WiFi.

It's Simple

The LCD Display gives users insight on the device’s battery level, LTE signal, call status, WiFi, whether they have any voicemails and who is calling, so there is no guesswork involved.

It's Functional

The V810 Home Phone Connect Series allows users to use VoLTE and it provides HD voice support. It even supports conference calling up to 6 callers. AA batteries can be used to keep the HPC working without being connected to power for up to 36 hours on standby.

Device Highlights

LTE Cat.4

2X RJ11 Ports for Voice

Caller ID Capable

2X Internal LTE Antenna

GNSS and WiFi

1.77" Color LCD Display

1X RJ45 Ethernet Port (10/100 Optional on the data models)

Conference Calling for up to 6 Callers

Data Model adds Hotspot for up to 15 Devices

Data Speeds of 150Mbps Downlink and 50Mbps Uplink (Optional on the data models)

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