Top 5 ways to SELL MORE with Vertex Wireless

Who is Vertex Wireless?

Vertex Wireless is your strategic partner for all mobile hardware and solutions. Vertex Wireless has direct hardware distribution, parts, engineering and service relationships with nearly EVERY device OEM in North America such as Samsung, LG, Blackberry, Alcatel and others. But in the Enterprise channel, we realize it’s not just about the device, it’s more about what that device does. That’s why we offer a full suite of Mobility Solutions & Services such as device customization, kiosk mode, kitting, logistics, and many other white-glove services.

#1 - Direct OEM Stocking Distributor

Vertex Wireless is a direct distributor for nearly every OEM in North America. We have it all...


#2 - Mobility Solutions & Services

We’re not just a distributor, we’re software engineers and hardcore technologists.


#3 - Device Customization is Key

Custom tailoring your device has never been easier. Vertex enables you to fully customize
your Android device specifically to fit your customer’s need.


#4 - Enterprise Mobile Management

We solve problems with mobility, it’s just what we do.


#5 - Highly Experienced Mobile Experts

The mobile ecosystem is massive by itself, that’s why we focus exclusively on mobile. Our
seasoned sales professionals offer an unparalleled level of industry experience and support
for the products and solutions that will form your future – Mobile.


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Some problems require completely custom solutions, and that's where we thrive. We take time to understand the business case, so we can architect an elegant technical solution. Then, we go to work writing a bullet-proof and scalable solution.