Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 & A8 Webinar Presentation Deck

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 & A8 Webinar Presentation Deck

Samsung’s Tablet Portfolio:

Work doesn’t stop. Neither will you.

The Galaxy Tab A8 is a highly competitive new offering in the value tablet market

  • Slim and lightweight with immersive videoconferencing capabilities
  • 10.5-inch display – Whether you’re video conferencing or using multiple windows, every task is easy on the eyes on a 10.5 LCD screen.
  • Front-facing horizontally centered camera makes you feel like you’re in the same room with colleagues or customers
  • Fast processor, long-lasting battery, and built-in storage to power all-day productivity
  • Multi-Active Windows capability lets users more apps at the same time

Every tablet in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Series has three things in common:

  • They offer the most advanced technology, from large cutting-edge displays with narrow bezels to next-generation processors
  • With ample screen space and a much faster, low-latency S Pen, there’s no better tool for note-taking and drawing. Use the S Pen to take notes and convert your handwriting to text with Samsung Notes. Capture your latest design or brainstorm and store it digitally, along with solutions like the sketch cover.
  • Users can unlock 2-in-1 capabilities by snapping on an optional, for-purchase keyboard case and utilizing Samsung DeX. Have multiple windows open that you navigate like you would on a PC, drag and drop, and run powerful conference calls with the ultra-wide front cameras, built in mics, and noise canceling.


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