Supply Chain

Vertex Wireless is not your typical device distributor who moves boxes.  We collaborate and consult with our customers to create the right Supply Chain program that our customers will embrace.  We help you manage the entire device lifecycle throughout a complex ecosystem.  That’s why top corporations around the world choose to work with us.  Our experienced consultants will help you create and execute the most robust supply chain program to propel your business.  Contact us today to learn more about our Advanced Supply Chain Solutions.

Device Customization & Provisioning

We understand that it’s more than just a mobile device.  Our customization and provisioning services are all about adding value, custom-created software, and purpose built technology to enhance your solution.  Our security first approach to software development combined with our proprietary tools and technology allow us to deliver an extraordinary end user experience.  Fully customize your device including default apps, UI appearance, settings, and connectivity.

Forward & Reverse Logistics

Vertex Wireless is a full service 4PL provider.  We take distribution to the next level! As the nation's largest Unlocked Mobility 4PL, we integrate and accumulate resources, capabilities, and technologies to run completely custom supply chain solutions. The main difference between us and all those other "shipping guys" is that we manage the entire supply chain process and beyond!  Our full suite of Forward & Reverse capabilities will enable your business to scale quickly and cost effectively.

Software and Systems Integration

You’re at a pivotal point in your business and constantly changing mobile technology is transforming your industry.  Because we’re fluent in most programming languages we’re not limited to a single technology.  Regardless of your technology stack we’re able to jump right in and be productive immediately.


We’re highly proficient with Samsung Knox and LG Gate platform capabilities and systems integrations needed to bring together sub-component subsystems.  (That’s technical speak for “we set the bar high”!)  Our extensive experience and ability to imagine, develop, manage, and deliver integrated solutions will power your business to the next level!