Unlocked Samsung

Unlocked Samsung

Unlocked smartphones are becoming a popular choice in the U.S. marketplace due to their versatility and freedom to choose from any carriers or plans.
The official U.S. Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are substantially more powerful than other international Samsung variants and are optimized and approved for the U.S. carrier networks. Unlocked models offer consumers and network operators the best possible end user experience. This leads to higher customer satisfaction rating, improved brand loyalty, and increased ARPU..
It’s not just about being productive, it’s about being productive everywhere. The Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ breaks traditional mobile boundaries to help you accomplish more. From the super-captivating Infinity Display to the intelligent services of Bixby; the Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ delivers the most intuitive connectivity, seamless experiences, and most steadfast security in mobility.
  • NO BLOATWARE: Superior Experience – Eliminate Carrier Bloatware

    Deliver a superior customer experience. Samsung Unlocked smartphones have fewer pre-loaded applications and no carrier branding or applications. Fewer preloaded applications leaves more room for value-added apps and services. The Unlocked Galaxy S8/S8+ offer a clean and consistent user interface regardless of what carrier service is being used.

  • WORKS EVERYWHERE: Freedom To Choose – Live, Work, and Travel Everywhere

    The Unlocked Galaxy S8/S8+ work on most carrier networks globally.  Users have the freedom to choose their service provider, service plan, and the features that best suit employee needs.  Carrier branded devices are locked to that specific network and do not offer the same versatility that the Unlocked Galaxy S8/S8+ delivers.

  • SECURITY: Most Secure Mobility Platform

    Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ come equipped with Samsung Knox right out of the box.  Knox provides the industry’s strongest protection of enterprise data by building a hardware-based trust environment.  Knox received the industry’s strongest ratings by Gartner for the Mobile Security Platform two years in a row.


    Unlike International (grey market) variant models, the Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ comes with a standard U.S. warranty.  Unlocked Galaxy S8/S8+ also receives simultaneous FOTA firmware and software updates directly from Samsung regardless of the carrier service plan.