Vertex Wireless acknowledged as Samsung’s #1 Distributor of Unlocked Devices in North America

Vertex Wireless acknowledged as Samsung’s #1 Distributor of Unlocked Devices in North America

West Chicago, IL, March 1st, 2017 – Vertex Wireless has been acknowledged as Samsung’s leading distributor for unlocked mobile devices in North America based on the number of units sold for 2016. This outstanding accomplishment was acknowledged during the January Consumer Electronics Show and was recently confirmed.

“We are very proud of this accomplishment and appreciate the strong partnership we have had with Samsung over the past 10 years,” said John Wessel, CEO of Vertex Wireless. “This important achievement comes from the dedicated efforts of our highly experienced staff and the associated support of the Samsung team. We are committed to the ongoing growth of the generic unlocked device category and the flexibility these devices provide to all consumers”.

To reinforce their commitment to the unlocked device category, Vertex recently finalized the full acquisition of Conversa Solutions, LLC located in Auburn Hills, Mi. Conversa Solutions is a mobile device engineering services firm that specializes in customized solutions for device firmware, MDM software, Virtual Reality deployments, as well as, application development and integration.

Conversa Solutions has been providing mobile device engineering services to wireless carriers, retailers, and enterprise mobility customers for over 10 years. Conversa Solutions is a Samsung engineering development partner and works closely with a multitude of vendors and customers.

“This accomplishment is the result of hard work and a dedicated focus by our team to align our business correctly in the ever changing mobility value stream”, stated Brian Sipe, President of Vertex Wireless. “By linking the extensive sales relationships and distribution knowledge of Vertex with the engineering and development capabilities of Conversa Solutions, we expect that Vertex and Conversa will unlock significant value for Samsung and help propel ongoing growth in the US markets. We look forward to further expanding our relationship with Samsung over the coming months.”

Currently, the Samsung portfolio of US authorized generic unlocked products includes the Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE, and the Samsung Galaxy J3. Additionally products for North America will be launched throughout 2017. These devices are distinctly different from various grey market international models that do not have a U.S. warranty, are not optimized for the U.S. carrier networks, and typically do not have all the features and applications that the U.S. Unlocked SKU’s provide


About Vertex Wireless

Vertex is a 4PL distribution, logistics, and engineering services firm that specializes in providing customized solutions for customers in the mobility industry. Vertex Wireless is a leading distributor of unlocked devices, tablets, and Virtual Reality solutions and recently finalized the acquisition of Conversa Solutions. Together the Vertex and Conversa teams are able to develop turn-key Android based solutions for carriers, national retailers and enterprise mobility customers. In 2015 the two companies jointly brought to market SiperLOCK, the leading device management tool for EIP and leasing programs. For information on Vertex Wireless or Conversa Solutions, contact Brian Sipe at (630) 293-6300 x301 or visit www.vertexwireless.com or www.conversasolutions.com.