Vertex Wireless, LLC., North America’s premier mobile device distribution, logistics, and mobile solutions provider has announced they have entered into a strategic partnership with Simplifi to distribute the Simplifi Connect LTE Router.

The Simplifi Connect is the ultimate enterprise internet connectivity solution made simple.  Instant broadband or LTE internet that scales, extends, and adapts to meet your business and personal needs.

Simplifi’s unique failover solution means that you’ll always be connected.  Simplifi allows you to back-up your existing network in three ways: as your primary router with back-up, to provide back-up when you have a router or extender, and enterprise failover.

“The Simplifi Connect router is unlike any other router on the market.  Don’t let the non-traditional form factor fool you, this router packs a robust feature set and functionality into that little white box.  The Simplifi Connect supports both Broadband and LTE data making it the versatile plug-n-play mobile device we’ve ever seen.  We’re thrilled to partner with Simplifi and look forward to bringing the Connect router to market.”  ~Brian Sipe, President, Vertex Wireless, LLC.

Simplifi has all of your home and business connectivity needs covered.  Simplifi connects up to 32 connected devices simultaneously.  Whether deploying one Simplifi for your vacation rental or ten thousand for your network of retail locations, setup is as simple as plug-n-play.

The Simplifi Connect is the most versatile router on the market making it perfect for both personal and business use.  Simplifi’s unique approach to making enterprise grade tools easy to use solves five of the greatest challenges to connectivity (whether primary and/or failover) for organizations.  It has the capability of traditional enterprise grade routers, yet relatively low cost of ownership making it more affordable than its competitors.

“We’re delighted to partner with Vertex Wireless as one of our premier U.S. distribution partners.  Their strategic channel alignment, enterprise mobility experience, and unwavering reputation made them the clear choice.  Vertex Wireless excels at 4PL distribution and will compliment Simplifi as one of our premier U.S. distributors.” ~Nick Shevillo, CEO, Simplifi

Connected: Complete network in a box, 32 Wi-Fi connections, connected to fixed wire line and/or LTE, 4G, 3G mobile data.

Security: IPsec, UAM/Radius, SPI.Firewall, port forwarding, cellular to Ethernet connection.

Portability: No moving parts, no external antennas, works anywhere there is cellular connection.

Resiliency: Built in fail-over to ensure you never lose internet connection again!

Simplicity: Plug n’ play, set and forget remote management platform for easy configuration.

The Simplifi Connect Router is the Ultimate internet connectivity solution made simple.  The Simplifi device is available for immediate ordering.  Please contact Vertex Wireless via email at [email protected] for all wholesale pricing and logistics information.

About Vertex Wireless

Vertex is a strategic 4PL partner for all mobility go-to-market 4PL, distribution, logistics, Android engineering, system integration, and mobile software solutions.  Vertex Wireless specializes in providing customized mobility solutions anytime, anywhere throughout the mobile ecosystem.  With over 150 years of combined mobility experience, our diverse experience delivers valuable market insight that helps our partners’ go-to-market with precise execution.  Vertex has direct distribution, parts, engineering, and service relationships with nearly every OEM in North America.  These partnerships enable Vertex Wireless to provide both hardware and solutions spanning the entire mobility ecosystem.  More information on Vertex Wireless LLC may be found at www.vertexwireless.com.

About Simplifi

Simplifi is an industry-leading company with products and services that focus on advanced connectivity and their scalability, extendibility and compatibility. Simplifi combines cellular connectivity with enterprise-grade cloud software to deliver easy to use tools and interfaces that meet any business’s needs.  Headquartered in Naples, Florida, Simplifi has offices in San Diego, Detroit, Mexico City, and Buenos Aires. Simplifi is committed to unwiring the future, using LTE and Wi-Fi technologies to connect the world at full speed.  More information on Simplifi can be found at www.simplifi.io.