ORION, Michigan (October 18, 2018)

Conversa Solutions LLC, a leading mobility engineering, software development, systems integrator, and official Android Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) services provider, announced today that the company has been approved as an official Android Enterprise Zero-touch Enrollment Partner and official EMM Partner.

This innovation will further Conversa Solution’s leadership in supporting the Enterprise mobility channel with a wide-range of new software and configuration capabilities aimed at making it easier for customers to deploy EMM and MDM solutions securely.

Google’s Zero-touch Enrollment is a seamless and secure method for mass deployment of EMM Applications to Android devices in enterprises.  The platform allows for IT admins to pre-configure work-managed devices with a desired EMM application before they are shipped, creating a seamless out of box deployment by programming and configuring devices immediately upon sign-in.  Enrollment occurs over-the-air (OTA) on purchased devices, as well, as after any default factory reset of the device.  This configuration enables a full out of box device management without any additional setup or app required.

“We are ecstatic to be recognized as an official Android Zero-touch Enrollment partner.  Conversa Solutions is constantly working to ensure and provide the highest level of service and support to our customers.  Zero-touch enrollment provides our partners and customers an efficient and secure device deployment.” ~Brian Sipe, President, Vertex Wireless LLC.

With the exploding adoption of Android devices into enterprise, Google’s Zero-touch Enrollment enables IT departments to easily and securely deploy their own corporate devices in bulk with enforced management without having to manually set-up each device.  It is an efficient and streamlined process for rollout and deployment thus making large scale deployments fast, easy, and secure for organizations and their employees.

About Conversa Solutions

Conversa Solutions LLC is a strategic, full service software development, engineering, and mobility solutions firm. Specializing in Software Integration, Android Firmware Customization, Android Software Development, Tizen Development, Virtual Reality, Mobile Device Customization, and EMM Services.  Conversa Solutions is a fully owned subsidiary of Vertex Wireless LLC.  More information on Conversa Solutions may be found at www.conversasolutions.com.

About Vertex Wireless

Vertex Wireless LLC is a strategic 4PL partner for all mobility go-to-market 4PL, distribution, logistics, Android engineering, system integration, and mobile software solutions.  Vertex Wireless specializes in providing customized mobility solutions anytime, anywhere throughout the mobile ecosystem.  With over 150 years of combined mobility experience, Vertex delivers valuable market insight that helps our partners’ go-to-market with precise execution.  Vertex has direct distribution, parts, engineering, and service relationships with nearly every OEM in North America.  These partnerships enable Vertex Wireless to provide both hardware and solutions spanning the entire mobility ecosystem.  More information on Vertex Wireless LLC may be found at www.vertexwireless.com.


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