Is Your Wireless Distributor Thinking Outside of the Box?

Is Your Wireless Distributor Thinking Outside of the Box?

The only constant in the Wireless Industry is the speed of change.  Let’s face it; the industry continues to rapidly evolve, change, require new strategies, new business models, new partners, and even new customers.  Because of this, if your Wireless Distributor isn’t continuing to innovate and evolve, they will cease to be competitive.  Which WILL impact your business.

Too often today both re-sellers and suppliers decide to use a “global” distribution firm because they feel that the larger firm has more ability to support them.   The reality is that larger distribution firms are often struggling under the weight of their own overhead and can barely focus on their business, never mind your business.   In today’s mobile economy the market matures, growth slows, and margins compress.  Finding a more responsive and nimble distribution partner who is focused on your business could be the evolution you deserve!

So, big isn’t necessarily better.  Instead, you deserve a value added partner who will think outside of the box and who will go that extra mile to represent your best interests.  You may also find that with more focused partners; decisions and adjustments can be made quickly and with ease.  Let’s be honest today’s mobility market is a dog-eat-dog world and you’re left feeling like you’re wearing Milk Bone underwear.   Don’t get caught in a rut that large global players will save you.  Instead, work with a wireless distribution partner who isn’t afraid to change direction with you overnight.  A wireless distributor who thinks like you do and is a strategic member of your team.  A distributor who will find creative solutions to your problems and who will listen to your challenges.  A wireless distributor who will HELP YOU SOLVE problems!

Published Sept. 14, 2018 by Brian Sipe, President, Vertex Wireless