We aren’t like the other guys. We’re different.

We aren’t like the other guys. We’re different.

The mobile device industry has been turbulent the past couple of years, and if you’ve tried to buy a device lately that is absolutely no secret. You’ve probably also heard about the chip shortage, the supply constraints, the boats stuck in the ocean, and a million more negative things going on when it comes to scarce technology supply. Here at Vertex Wireless it’s absolutely no different, but we’ve decided not to let the negative suck the fun out of what we do. We’ve decided to do things differently and not let the shortage stop us, and being the agile company that we are, we’ve been able to change the way we do things to combat the times we face.

We are constantly working together as a company and with our resale partners to be able to find new and different ways to fulfill the needs of our partners. The only thing that we refuse to change is our core values as a company. Vertex Wireless was built on integrity, accountability, trust, collaboration, and enablement. No matter how much we change the way we do things and no matter how much the industry changes, our values will always remain the same.

Vertex Wireless isn’t like those “other guys”. We do things different around here. We are a direct OEM distributor of mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, wearables, and IoT hardware. We are direct Distributors for almost every OEM in North America and our valued partnerships enable us to provide both hardware and mobility solutions. As the nation’s largest unlocked distributor, we offer velocity, scale and true mobility that empowers productivity.


So, you’re probably wondering how this makes us any different than the other guys, right? As a privately held company we are nimble with the ability to make rapid strategic decisions to support our partners. We are not encumbered with restrictive corporate processes and decision chains. When times are changing, we are able to change with them and make sure we continue to go above and beyond for our partners. We are a company with high growth, and in 2020 we were acknowledged by Samsung as their fastest growth distributor, and this year we are on track to be their largest distributor overall!

We are a stocking distributor which allows us to aggregate demand forecasts and make bets on the quantity of stock we buy and hold for our partners. Doing things this way allows us to offer our customers the ability to order what they need and change the quantity of devices they need based on demand. With a stocking warehouse it allows us buffer stock, so when you’re ready to run a promotion and need more devices, we can get you the devices you need whereas with other distributors make you commit to your order a month in advance and are locked into the order you placed with a long wait time to receive more devices.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to a distributor, I want one that is flexible and works with me to meet every need my business has when it comes to mobile devices. I want the ability to make decisions and changes on the fly, and when it comes to that Vertex is the only distributor that offers all of these things. Sometimes being different is the best thing that a company can offer their customers, and at Vertex Wireless we think different is better.

Published January 28, 2022 by Hannah Roethler, Strategic Content Designer, Vertex Wireless